Salvage auto parts business plan

There is still a market for do-it-yourselfers who want to navigate the rows of junked cars looking for just that one part. But the guys who talk like that usually have more operating capital than I do and one or more full-time mechanics on the payroll.

This series of reference books lists the parts from one car — engine, brake drums, springs, axles, drive lines, etc. Nor was I especially fond of my business address: Most late model and near-new wrecks are bought by salvage yards through bids to insurance companies.

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Either of my sons can remove just about any American car part with what he carries in his hip pockets: Digital access or digital and print delivery. Some wreckers keep an old forklift around as their boom truck, which is OK if the machine is capable of raising five tons to a height of 16 feet, is maneuverable in a small space, and is kept on level and solid terrain.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Here in California, all salvage yards are licensed to disassemble old automobiles by the Department of Motor Vehicles. If you get cars with lots of reusable parts, add the parts to your computerized database.

And so can you. Seek sound and great pieces of advice to those who have been into this kind of business outside your locality and from those who are willing to share their experience and ideas with you. Each volume in this invaluable series covers a ten-year period and is available at the Hollander Parts Interchange website.

Tips on a Successful Insurance Salvage Yard Business

Do conduct research — don't "wing it. Also mother of three very young children. Time to sell for the value of the land is my suggestion. And, although not everyone sees it this way, I believe that mine is a worthy calling in the present age of economy and ecology.

About the Author This article was written by a professional writer, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. Take an old three-quarter-ton or a ton truck with dual rear wheels and mount an A-frame, power winch, power takeoff, cables, and safety straps on its back.

You can operate yours on either oxygen-acetylene or oxygen-propane whichever is less expensive in your area but I do suggest 50 feet of hose and portable bottles. They love our big cars over in Saudi Arabia.

Nor was I especially fond of my business address: In the rare cases when I sell the whole car or truck, however, the deal must be accompanied by some paperwork run through D.

How to Start an Auto Salvage Yard

That's not what this article has been about. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. BJ's, for instance, borders East Oakland and my customers are poorer people trying to keep their old second and third hand chariots together.

They gather up the countryside's junkers and enclose them in fenced areas behind small garages where a fellow native can come in with his own tools and get the engine, transmission, rear end, or axle he needs. As far as I know, any state you live in will require you to have a D.

Ask individual customers, when possible, to share their cost estimate with you so you can see what needed replacing before the car was declared a loss. While that niche market of salvaging and recycling car parts can still turn a profit, the market has expanded so dramatically on a global scale that has squeezed out some of the little guys.

A Final Word This has been only a spit-in-the-eye account of how almost anyone in the United States can set up and operate an automobile salvage yard. A tow truck, of course, is absolutely essential for hauling in the clunkers that will be your stock in trade.

About the only ironclad rule I can give you is that, in general, rural operators almost always have lower overhead and charge less — part for part — than their urban counterparts. Nov 25,  · In this short video I will show you How to Start a Used Auto Parts Business.

Tags: How to Start a Used Auto Parts Business auto salvage business business auto insurance Auto business in India. Steps to Start an Auto Salvage Business You should have a business plan first so that everything will be smooth sailing. You need to set a goal, and everything that you need requires a thorough assessment in order to be successful in this industry.

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Beth Jacobs shares business model for auto salvage yards; including information on dealing with red tape, financing, equipment and acquisitions. Automotive Salvage Junk Yard Business Plan 2nd Edition - Kindle edition by Bplan Xchange, Scott Proctor.

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Automotive Salvage Junk Yard Business Plan 2nd Edition /5(1).

Salvage auto parts business plan
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How to Start an Auto Salvage Business