Supermarket business plan in chennai india

I need better ideas where to buy my product best price in Nattram Palli, tamilnadu, my mail id: Unfortunately, a lot of individuals and businesses do not have the time to sit down and properly do the research they need for their businesses. As a side business, you can also use the location to rent out for personal and corporate themed parties.

I am planning to start a mini supermarket in my hometown.

How To Start a Supermarket Business In India

If there are any changes, make sure that the contractor is able to incorporate it. Print Many businesses once started do not go a very long way for the reason that, the foundation for starting it would not have been right.

Carry out Your Feasibility Studies If you truly want to start a supermarket that would enjoy continuous high patronage, then you should carry out your feasibility studies to enable you know the ideal place to situate your supermarket, the goods that are in high demand in the community, and loads of other factors that will help you plan and achieve your business goals.

Guidance will be given to open Super Markets only outside Saudi Arabia. Locations in trivandrum sreekariyam, varkala and at thondayad, chevayoor in calicut are available. Looking for a best guide and expert to help me in this aspect.

Software Choosing the right software is a irreversible decision and there are many factors to carefully consider before finalising one. Advertise the existence of the supermarket: Delivery Service You can branch out from delivering food to running errands for people ; from picking up their laundry to walking their pets.

You can charge restaurants a fee for you to advertise their services in high traffic areas; especially where a lot of tourists stay and shop.

Fashion Boutique Fashion always sells; and indigenous designs mixed with western designs even sell faster. Install Automated Machine for Your Cashiers One of the easiest ways of blocking loopholes and stealing in your supermarket is to install automated machine for all your cashiers.

You can offer this service to them. When you plan on starting a business you must be sure about what you are dealing with, what you will be facing and how to last in the market.

You can create a space where people can come relax and refresh themselves while catching up with each other. The required info should be provided and you need to pay the fees as well.

Chennai has emerged as an educational hub of the country as many renowned institutions have opened their branches here. I have long and rich experience in supply chain.

I want your valuable suggestions. With its historical features, ancient temples, dance and art forms, Chennai is popularly known as the Gateway to South India.


These kind of proactive measures have to be taken in order to run the business on a smooth basis. I am planning to start up a mini super market.

Now starting is one of the first challenges that you will face and the practices and rules differs from place to place but to make it simpler here is a brief idea on what to keep in mind while starting a supermarket business in India: It is important that you train your staffs on how to handle various categories of customers.

Register Your Business From the onset, it is better that you get it right with your business, and getting it right means you should register your business and get every required permission and license before opening your supermarket to the public.

Then opening a night club that is stylishhip and has a bar is the business for you. Pls guide me how to take steps to start this business. Source for Commodities Suppliers You would need to source for manufacturers and wholesale distributors of commodities.

Acquiring the license is nothing but, gaining authority to start up with business, without the fear of being questioned on legality of the business. The good thing about establishing a standard supermarket is that, if you are successful in building your brand, you can easily sell your franchise to investors and that will translate to more money for you.

Then opening a night club that is stylishhip and has a bar is the business for you. Therefore, ensure that you do not limit yourself to just a brand of a product. Hardware You might need some hardware to manage the operations faster and give a better in-shop customer satisfaction.

Business Details. It is a supermarket for sale in Chennai. It is located in a prime residential area of the city and is fully surrounded by residential homes and apartments. It was started years ago.

Supermarket receives more than customers daily. The premise is on lease and monthly rent is INR 30, To start a business there are certain rules that must be heeded to. When you plan on starting a business you must be sure about what you are dealing with, what you will be facing and how to last in the market.

Supermarket is a common type of retail business but is always in demand in every corner. The customers would not visit the place of business if it is not appealing. Once the building is certified as a healthy environment, it’s a head start for the business!

It is an indication towards the building to conduct safe business. To acquire the license for the business: The next step would be to attain the license from the prescribed authority. A friend of mine wants to go into a mini supermarket business.

How much should she be looking at in terms of capital for a start. She plans on starting small and will grow from there. Well, it all depends on your location and how you plan to operate. From my understanding, a "Mini Mart" is bigger than a "Neighbourhood" shop. Rent. hi, i m planning to start a mini supermarket in my home town agartala which comes under the state tripura (India).

i dont have fund n land to start this kind of business. n above all i dont have any kind of business experiences. son can u guide me to fulfill my dream to start a super market in my home town.

Are you interested in starting a business in Chennai, India but you lack ideas? Then below are the top 20 small business investment opportunities in Chennai, Tamil Nadu India. Chennai is the capital city of the Indian state of the Tamil Nadu and a metropolitan city.

Supermarket business plan in chennai india
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